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JALT 2015 Update: Welcome Nagasaki!

posted Nov 23, 2015, 5:37 PM by Web Admin NanKyu JALT   [ updated Nov 24, 2015, 7:04 PM by Levy Solomon ]
On Sunday, November 22nd JALT held an Executive Board Meeting (EBM), during which the motion to merge Nagasaki and NanKyu was brought up and... passed! Many people worked hard on setting up this merger and we're excited that it went off without a hitch. There's still a lot of work and re-organizing to be done, but we're on our way! A small change to start things off with, we've prepared the new logo and made a few slight changes to the site:

Other notable updates from the JALT 2015 national conference:
  • Total JALT membership is up at 2,876 members (2,781 in 2014).
  • JALT is in the process of changing over to a new records and document database, which will result in major changes to the national organization's website.
  • JALT Conference Proceedings has changed their name to JALT Postconference Publication, and they are currently looking for volunteer reviewers and editors (contact Peter Clements at