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Job Opening: Yamaga BOE

posted Feb 12, 2016, 6:42 PM by Web Admin NanKyu JALT   [ updated Feb 16, 2016, 8:49 PM by NanKyu JALT ]
Yamaga BOE is looking to direct hire one ALT for an ES and/or JHS position for the 2016-2017 school year to add to its already amazing team of 3 other directly hired ALTs. If you or anyone you know is creative, hardworking and a team player with excellent interpersonal skills is interested in this position please contact NanKyu JALT at for salary, benefits and application process. Good luck!

Interested Candidates should e-mail the following in PDF format:  
1. Resume (English)  
2. Rirekisho (Japanese resume)  
3. Cover Letter which should share your thoughts regarding...  
a. Why is learning another language important?  
b. What is your educational philosophy?  

Please send necessary paperwork to the following address:  

〒861-0592 熊本県山鹿市山鹿987-3山鹿市役所 教育総務課  
〒861-0592 Kumamoto-ken, Yamaga-shi, Yamaga 987-3 Yamaga-shiyakusho Kyouikusoumuka  

Application deadline is Feb 19th.  

Be ready to do a short, live interview in Japanese and English about Mid-March at the Yamaga BOE offices.  

Salary: 280,000 Y - 300,000 Y per month depending on experience 
Benefits: Shakai Hoken (1/2 paid by employer, 1/2 paid by employee) 
10 days paid leave per + 1 day each consecutive year (nenkyu) of continued employment  

Time: 40 hrs per week typically Mon-Fri - classroom, prep, special events 12 month working temporary contract with yearly renewal possibility Schools: JHS and/or ES schools per week with occasional ES and kindergarten classes, eikaiwa classes 5-8 times per semester 

This is a unique ALT position for a dynamic individual. The classrooms at these schools have high speed internet, HD TVs, and are slowly but surely having a progressive English education culture. You will have a schedule the same as Japanese teachers, and you are expected to work during the summer time when classes are out doing prep work, collaborating with JTEs and other ALTs unless you take nenkyu. If you are an interested ALT who has a vision to help move English education forward in the 21st Century please contact with attached resumes and cover letter. Besides the typical JHS duties of an ALT, the position is interested in individuals possessing the following goals and abilities of the 21st Century ALT. 

1.Be passionate about teaching and learning. 
2.Build great relationships with JTEs and students. 
3.Actively speak English with students at all times. 
4.Make textbook lessons real and relevant by sharing videos, articles, music, and original writing. 
5.Coordinate authentic communication skills such as speaking and writing with students from foreign countries with Skype, e-mail and letter writing on a regular basis.
6.Research, create and share multimedia such as YouTube Videos, smartphone apps, learning websites with JTEs and students. 
7.Create student centered, cooperative group learning activities that use English for self-expression to communicate with foreign students. 
8.Use the computers as an active learning tool to bring English to life. 
9.Work seamlessly, constructively and positively with the current trio of seasoned direct hired ALTs. Good luck!