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NanKyu Publications

NanKyu JALT's main publication is Selected Papers from SUTLF, which contains proceedings from the Sojo University Teaching & Learning Forum. For questions regarding this publication contact Larry Xethakis at

SUTLF 2018 Selected Papers

With a focus on English Beyond the Classroom, the published papers represent a range of approaches that are both theoretical and innovative, while remaining relevant to day-to-day life in the language learning classroom. Click on the links below to access each full-length article.

  • Complete volume (Link)
  • Cullen, B., & Mulvey, S. (2019). Magic moments: Positive psychology in action in the classroom. SUTLF2018 Selected Papers, 1, 1-11. (Link)
  • Lambert, G. (2019). Scripted versus unscripted English conversation: Student voices. SUTLF2018 Selected Papers, 1, 12-21. (Link)
  • Ostman, D. (2019). Reinterpreting empathy in intercultural competence. SUTLF2018 Selected Papers, 1, 22-34. (Link)
  • Ott, C. (2019). Personalized speech tests: Increasing motivation and speaking abilities. SUTLF2018 Selected Papers, 1, 35-44. (Link)
  • Xethakis, L. (2019). Collaborative curriculum development: A tool for change. SUTLF2018 Selected Papers, 1, 45-54. (Link)

Past Selected Papers

SUTLF 2017 Selected Papers

  • Complete volume (Link)
  • Frazier, E., Worden, D., & Asquith, S. (2018). Developing English fluency and a global view through music. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2017, 1, 6-20. (Link)
  • Ostman, D. (2018). Using literature to increase intercultural competence for global understanding. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2017, 1, 21-56. (Link)
  • Passos, A. (2018). Creating materials for ESL classrooms: A pilot implementation and report of material creation for students with mixed language abilities. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2017, 1, 57-74. (Link)
  • Shindo, T. (2018). Case study on adaptive leadership in teacher development. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2017, 1, 75-120. (Link)

SUTLF 2016 Selected Papers

  • Complete volume (Link)
  • Kelly, C. (2017). The neuroscience of lesson design. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2016, 1, 7-18. (Link)
  • Morrow, J. S. (2017). Creating effective task-based fluency materials for ESP trainin in tourism. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2016, 1, 19-34. (Link)
  • Tomei, J. (2017). Scrolling text with iMovie: Classroom applications. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2016, 1, 35-47. (Link)
  • Xethakis, L. (2017). Engaging ESP students in vocabulary learning. Selected Papers from SUTLF 2016, 1, 48-72. (Link)

SUTLF 2015 Selected Papers

  • Complete volume (Link)
  • Beaufait, P. A. (2016). Strategies and practices for integrating EnglishCentral activities with curricula: A workshop for users, user-administrators and prospective users. SUTLF 2015 Conference Proceedings, 1, 9-20. (Link)
  • Kirchmeyer, B. (2016). Done in sixty seconds: Fluid, fun, and frequent bottom-up processing tasks for beginners. SUTLF 2015 Conference Proceedings, 1, 21-32. (Link)
  • Saunders, M. & Hofmeyr, M. (2016). Adapting and implementing a level-specific extensive listening (EL) course component. SUTLF 2015 Conference Proceedings, 1, 33-46. (Link)
  • Schmidt, M. G. (2016). Teaching listening comprehension: Basic assumptions to consider – A research note. SUTLF 2015 Conference Proceedings, 1, 47-60. (Link)
  • Tomei, J. (2016). Cloze covers: Adding variety to music listening tasks. SUTLF 2015 Conference Proceedings, 1, 61-72. (Link)
  • Yamamoto, C. (2016). Enhancing Communication through QR Code Based Listening Activities. SUTLF 2015 Conference Proceedings, 1, 73-80. (Link)

PIGATE Newsletters

The PIGATE Newsletter contains proceedings from the monthly meetings and editorials written by PIGATE members and guests alike.