Best of JALT

Best of JALT nominations can be made by chapters and SIGs for what is deemed to have been “the best” presentation in that chapter or at a local or regional SIG-sponsored event for that year. It is also possible to nominate an article in lieu of a presentation. Chapters and SIGs can make their Best of JALT nominations in any way that makes sense to them. However, the nominations must fit within the guidelines listed below.

Award Guidelines & Nomination Form

Nominations for 2018 are Open!

Click here to open the Nomination Form.

For a refresher of events sponsored by NanKyu in 2018, see our past events listing here.

  • Only one presentation or article can be nominated for the chapter per year.
  • Multiple presentations given on the same evening or at the same event/conference are not eligible to all get a certificate. Nor are multiple articles in an edited volume eligible.
  • One presentation or article with multiple presenters/authors is eligible and all presenters or authors' names will appear on the certificate (a duplicate certificate will be given to each presenter or author).
  • Multiple nominations from an individual nominee will be accepted, but self-nominations are limited to one.

Past Recipients

2017 Todd Thorpe, Lego® Serious Play® (Plenary presentation at SUTLF 2017 at Sojo University, Kumamoto)

2016 Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto, Designing materials that work (Plenary presentation at SUTLF 2016 at Sojo University, Kumamoto)