NanKYu JALT wants to help you host a NanKyu event in your area. It can be big or small. A wide range of funds can be provided, just tell us how we can help. Funds may be used to cover costs until event fees are collected, or to completely cover the costs of a free event. This is open to all current NanKyu members.

Both for NanKyu and non-NanKyu events. NanKyu will pay for food and/or drink as long as we are recognized as a sponsor and NanKyu is plugged during the event.

We can help with the costs of renting space, name badges, advertising, etc. Tell us more about what you want and need and we'll see what we can do for you.

From bringing in a speaker from far away, to giving a small incentive to a local speaker, we want to support professional development.

Requests are not guaranteed and are approved by the NanKyu executive board. Funds are also subject to availability. For the April 2020 fiscal year, there is an estimated ¥150 000 available for these events, find this year's budget here.

A short report of how the event went and how many people attended is always required.

We look forward to your applications and welcome any questions to be sent to

Request for non-event grants are also available. This could be to sponsor a local non-profit, research, or other endeavours. A report, presentation, or other kind of update is required for every year a grant is issued. If a NanKyu sponsored endeavour is used in a published paper or presented in any way, an acknowledgement must be given that funds for the project were provided from NanKyu JALT.

In the budget section, include a list with the (estimated) costs. This form initiates a conversation, there may be compromises or suggestions made. We may also need more information. In some cases, your university or local government may also have funds available to subsidize these events.