Our dedicated team of elected officers work to give NanKyu members the best possible JALT experience.

NanKyu Chapter Executive Board


Rachel Barington, Kumamoto 

Membership Chair

Tim Hull, Kumamoto 


Robert Remmerswaal, Kumamoto 

Program Chair

Branden Kirchmeyer, Kumamoto 

Publicity Chair

Alison Koga, Kumamoto (Fukuoka) 

Nagasaki Representatives

Thom Rawson

Karen Masatsugu

Members-at-Large (Kumamoto)

Larry Xethakis

Members-at-Large (Miyazaki)

Cathrine-Mette Mork

Members-at-Large (Kagoshima)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

At the Annual General Meeting,

Officer Meetings

In accordance with the NanKyu Chapter Constitution, the Executive Board aims to meet several times during the year in order to effectively plan and make decisions regarding chapter operations. Meetings are open to all NanKyu JALT members, and agendas/minutes are available here

The NanKyu JALT Executive Board will consider any suggestion or proposal submitted in writing by a NanKyu JALT member, and reply in writing upon request. (IV.6)


NanKyu Chapter Constitution