Get Involved!

Have an idea for an event in your area? Not sure how to get started or who to look to for help? Send a message to your local Member-at-Large or to NanKyu's Program Chair (contact list here) to get the ball rolling! NanKyu JALT sponsors events around Kyushu including monthly meetings, cultural and social gatherings, guest speakers, and tours. All are welcome!

Past Events

For fuller details on past events see the JALT Event Reports page here.


  • JASAL 2018 x SUTLF 5, 14-16 December (Kumamoto)
  • Guest Speaker: Tomomi Kumai, 13 December (Miyazaki)
  • JALT 2018, 23-26 November (Shizuoka)
  • PIGATE Monthly Meeting, 10 November (Kumamoto)
  • PIGATE Guest Speaker: David Ockert, 15 September (Kumamoto)
  • Guest Speaker: Andrew Meyerhoff, 14-15 July (Nagasaki, Kumamoto)
  • PIGATE Monthly Meeting, 14 July (Kumamoto)
  • SUTLF 2018, 3-4 February (Kumamoto)
  • My Share & New Year's Party, January (Nagasaki)

Meeting Formats

Regular meetings take on a variety of forms

  • My Share
  • Guest Speakers
  • Discussions


The last Friday of the month

6:30 ~ 7:30

Common Venues

The new Sojo International Learning Center (SILC) at Sojo University in Kumamoto.


Local JR trains run frequently from Kumamoto Station to Sojodaigaku-Mae (10 min, ¥210). From Sojodaigaku-Mae, cross Route 31 and take the elevator up to the university.

The Kumamoto Airport Limousine Bus runs frequently from Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto Station (60 min, ¥1010).