SUTLF 2023 

Sojo University Teaching and Learning Forum 2023 

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Fully Hybrid

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Reflections & Reconfigurations

After years marked by disruption, uncertainty, and not a small amount of innovation the coming spring may, fingers crossed, herald a degree of normalcy returning to our lives. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic students and teachers throughout Japan will be entering a new semester with increased face-to-face interaction presenting opportunities and challenges of its own. Looking forward with anticipation and apprehension to this reset, it’s time to consider what exactly this brave new world will look like. Which classroom practices will be kept? Which technologies have become indispensable? How has the role of an educator changed? 

Taking Reflections and Reconfigurations as a theme, the 7th SUTLF conference will explore what teaching and learning means in 2023. It's a chance to examine what we have learned – about education, about our students, and about ourselves – from teaching, studying, and living through a pandemic. It's also a chance to contemplate the changes we can expect as classrooms and campuses fill with students and restrictions begin to lift.

Happily, we are once again able to hold SUTLF in-person at the Sojo International Learning Center in Kumamoto. However, in line with our theme of reconfigurations we are embracing a spirit of hybridity: the conference will offer opportunities for both in-person and online presentations, as well as dual purpose rooms in which live speakers can be streamed to online attendees. The rules we are all used to at this point for COVID prevention will apply for those attending in-person. Should changes to these conference plans occur due to any unforeseen emergencies, we will be sure to alert both attendees and presenters and accommodate those changes accordingly.

We invite researchers, educators, and learners to share their knowledge and visions for the future of English language teaching. We hope you will join us on Saturday, February 18th to reflect on your experiences and help to reconfigure teaching for 2023 and beyond.  

Hope to see you in February!

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Polly McGee

Plenary title: Human scale teaching and learning: creating a Self-led, co-regulated classroom in chaos, crisis and calm.

Bio: Dr Polly McGee is an author, educator, leadership consultant, somatic psychotherapist and all-purpose human being. They work, rest and play at the intersection of neurobiology, psychotherapy and human potential.

Al Roger

Plenary title: Reflections on human-rated speaking tests: How rater personality affects test taker scores

Bio: Dr Alun Roger is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Nagoya Gakuin University. He teaches undergraduate courses in Applied Linguistics, Academic Writing, and British Culture as well as a postgraduate course in Second Language Acquisition. His research interests include psychometrics, quantitative methods, and language testing. Alun received his PhD from the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment, University of Bedfordshire in the UK.

Call for Proposals

The following types of presentations are accepted. 

Research-oriented presentation (25 minutes) 研究や論文発表(25分) 

Practice-focused presentation (25 minutes) 実践報告発表(25分) 

Student presentation (25 minutes)  学生発表(25分)

Practice-focused workshop (45 minutes) 実践報告ワークショップ(45分)

 Poster (45 minutes, onsite only) ポスター(45分、対面のみ)

Closes Friday, 6 January 2023

Conference Dates

Friday, 17 February 2023

Sojo IoT Tour

VR Workshop

Saturday, 18 February 2023

Plenary and presentations

Networking dinner

Sunday, 19 February 2023

A visit to Kumamoto Castle

Registration Fees

Registration and payment is handled from our PeaTix site. This year you can pay with Credit Card, ATM, or bank transfer.

This event is 100% hybrid. All sessions can be attended in person or online. Please choose the appropriate ticket.

Please purchase your cafeteria bento lunches (¥500) and dinner tickets (4500) in advance. Availability of cafeteria lunches cannot be guaranteed for on-site registrants. Please note that the nearest open convenience store is a ten-minute walk. 

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SILC Building, Sojo University

Local JR trains run frequently from Kumamoto Station to Sojodaigaku-Mae (10 min, ¥210). From Sojodaigaku-Mae, cross Route 31 and take the elevator up to the university.

If you're flying, there is a bus which runs frequently from Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto Station (60 min, ¥960).

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Featured Textbooks:

Escape the Classroom by SUTLF 2023 presenter Fiona Wall Minami

Helping Matters by Vikki Williams, Mellisa Ogasawara, & Chris Horne

Networking Dinner

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Covid-19 Prevention Measures for On-Site Attendees

*Masks are required while on the Sojo University campus 

*Attendees are asked to check their temperature upon entry to the conference

 *Social distancing is encouraged to minimize infection risks 

*All conference areas will be well ventilated with hand sanitizer available